About Us

Air-Land-Sea Travel, LLC is a tour operator providing travel services to Malta & Gozo, Sicily, Italy, Romania, and Tunisia. Services for both leisure & business clients include airfares, hotels, guided tours, all-inclusive packages, customized itinerary/programs to travel agents, the independent traveler, incentive travelers, family vacationers, university travel programs and sports programs. Founded in 1984, by professional educators and travel experts, Air-Land-Sea Travel LLC has sent thousands of travelers for sports, adventure, cultural and business programs to the four corners of the globe. These programs are interactive learning experiences and are orchestrated by multicultural / travel experts. Recognized by world leaders for its unique approach in combining travel with sports, culture, education or business, Air-Land-Sea Travel LLC encourages the joyful discovery of other cultures and their customs through friendship and travel.

Our Pledge

"From Concept to Completion" we know that traveling is a unique experience; our pledge is that we shall execute any travel requested: from a unique honeymoon, to the ultimate exclusive relaxing experience, we have the capabilities of putting it together. We also pledge that our product is a quality product: we inspect many of our suppliers (such as hotels) as much as twice a year and if we get any customer complaint, we promptly investigate the incident and black-list the supplier for at least a year and until the problem has been fully resolved. To help us monitor our suppliers and to help our traveling customers, we also have local offices in Malta, Sicily, Tunisia, and Romania. Our local representatives speak English proficiently so that they can help you should any question or problem arise.